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Disaster Valuation

Events that grab newspaper headlines, such as floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, environmental contamination and terrorist attacks can be devastating for those involved. When the Dust Clears after these events, practical consequences must be addressed, including the impact that the event may have on property values.

Although the appraisal of damaged properties brings up complicated and unique problems, these situations can be addressed with the application of fundamental economic principles and traditional and innovative valuation techniques.

The next level of response to disaster is to determine the extent of the damage. However, provincial and federal agencies have requirements for the gathering and dissemination of damage data. Some have funds available to assist communities, businesses, and individuals, but all require estimates of damage before funds begin to flow. No provincial or federal agency releases compensation without estimates of damage, on the proper forms, filled out in the proper way. Therefore, the damage assessment process is a critical part of disaster response and recovery professionals.

CDC has been in this field for over 20 years and has valuated damaged properties after overland flooding primarily as well as represented contaminated properties at municipal and federal government assessment boards. CDC can also manage valuations on large scale disasters with our large expert teams and national presence.